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To do our part to prevent the spread, all Friendshop employees are working remotely. ​Each team member is fully equipped to continue to provide ​all of our normal caliber of services from editorial, graphic animation and finishing. Additionally our editors are able to host live sessions that easily work on any smart phone, tablet, chrome browser or iOS device, anywhere in the world.

The Team

  • Editor / Co-Founder

    Ben Suenaga
  • Editor

    Sara Sachs
  • Editor

    Michael Distelkamp
  • Assistant Editor

    Molly Dolinger
  • Assistant Editor

    Francisca Wistuba
  • Vault Manager

    Devin Blake
  • Producer

    Laura Shackleford
  • Producer

    Adam Roe
  • MD / Co-Founder

    Melissa Mapes
  • Director of Finance & Administration

    Rich Cruz